API - Application Programming Interface is a set of procedures and/or functions that allow for the creation of applications, which have access to the many features and data of an operating system or application.

Delivery receipt - Zensend’s API tracks the delivery status of messages and this is demonstrated to the sender via a delivery receipt. This receipt tells the sender whether their message has arrived at the desired location or has failed.

Keyword purchase - This endpoint creates keywords on a shortcode for receiving messages from phones. IS_STICKY specifies whether or not the keyword is sticky, to allow users to continue to send you messages after submitting the first keyword without specifying a keyword on subsequent messages.

Message concatenation - Zensend can successfully deliver messages up to 1224 characters in up to 8 message parts. Each message part will be charged as 1 SMS.

MSISDN - This is a number that can be used to identify a mobile phone number internationally. It uniquely identifies a subscription in a GSM or UMTS mobile network. The MSISDN always needs to be in international format.

Number Insight - An HLR look-up, this endpoint looks up network information for a mobile phone number. The number must be in international format. For example, a UK number would be in the format 447722233344

Originator - The long number, short code or alpha-numeric value that this message will appear to come from. The maximum length of an alpha originator is 11 characters and number originators must be formatted in international format. For example, a UK number would be in the format 447722233344.

Shortcode - Zensend provides shortcodes for receiving text messages. You can either have a dedicated code where all texts sent to the code will be forwarded to you, or you can have a keyword on a shared shortcode. Only texts beginning with that specific word will be forwarded to you, e.g. HELLO to 88611.

Sub-account creation - Sub-accounts can be created dynamically through an API request. There is a limit of 30 accounts per Zensend user. Each request should contain a unique sub-account name to be allocated. The response will include the given name and a new API KEY generated for the sub account.

Virtual mobile number - A phone number linked to your Zensend account. You can send texts from that number and receive messages directly back to the number.