French law states that you cannot send promotional messages between the hours of 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM on Sundays and Bank Holidays. Adult content is also forbidden. 

Can the features below be used?

Message originator: Originator overwritten (the originator will be modified to ensure delivery)

Long number/virtual mobile number: Local number overwritten (the long number will be modified to ensure delivery)

Concatenated messages: Yes

Operator-specific info:

On Free Mobile, a shortcode will overwrite all message originators.

The only operator that allows alpha numeric message originators is SFR. 

General best practices: 

  • You should get opt-in consent from each end user before sending text messages. 

  • For marketing messages you must make it easy for customers to opt-out - e.g. by sending a reply 'STOP' text.

  • To ensure that messages are not considered spam, be transparent with who you are; clearly display the name of your service / business within the message originator or within the body of the text message itself. 

Zensend recommends that customers review all suggested SMS use cases with a qualified legal team to make sure that you are acting within the law.