Quickstart Guide

Step 1

Choose your code.

Below are some sample code snippets in the different libraries we provide.

Your API Key is already embedded.

$client = new ZenSend\Client("5xW1KWydAvtcR5GB_9tflQ");

$request = new ZenSend\SmsRequest();
$request->body = "Welcome to spin to win";
$request->originator = "SPINTOWIN";
$request->numbers = ["447562869907"];

$result = $client->send_sms($request);
using ZenSend;

var client = new Client("5xW1KWydAvtcR5GB_9tflQ");

var result = client.SendSms(
  originator: "SPINTOWIN",
  body: "Welcome to spin to win",
  numbers: new string[]{"447562869907"}
require 'zensend'

client = ZenSend::Client.new("5xW1KWydAvtcR5GB_9tflQ")

result = client.send_sms(
  originator: "SPINTOWIN",
  numbers: ["447562869907"],
  body: "Welcome to spin to win"
import io.zensend.*;

Message message = new Message();
message.numbers = new String[]{"447562869907"};
message.body = "Welcome to spin to win";
message.originator = "SPINTOWIN";

Client client = new Client("5xW1KWydAvtcR5GB_9tflQ");

SmsResult result = client.sendSms(message);
import zensend

client = zensend.Client("5xW1KWydAvtcR5GB_9tflQ")

result = client.send_sms(
  body = "Welcome to spin to win",
  originator = "SPINTOWIN",
  numbers = ["447562869907"]
var zensend = require('zensend');

var client = new zensend.Client("5xW1KWydAvtcR5GB_9tflQ");

  originator: "SPINTOWIN",
  body: "Welcome to spin to win",
  numbers: ["447562869907"]
}, function(error, response) {});

Step 2

Replace the following fields with your relevant message information:

BODY: The content of the message - e.g. "Hello, Welcome to Zensend!"

ORIGINATOR: Who the message is from. Such as your company name - e.g. "Zensend" or a virtual mobile number if you would like to receive messages.

NUMBERS: The numbers you want the message to be sent to. This should be formatted with the country code and without spaces, with no leading zeros or plus symbol - e.g. a UK number would be "441234567890". To send multiple messages in one call, separate the numbers with commas.

Step 3

If you are running Mac OS or Linux you can send a message right now. To do so, simply open yourterminal application, copy and paste the below into the terminal and hit enter.

curl "https://api.zensend.io/v3/sendsms" \
       -d NUMBERS=447562869907 \
       -d BODY=Hello,%20welcome%20to%20Zensend! \

Remember to replace the fields as stated above.

Good work, you have now sent your first text message using Zensend's API.

What next?

Set up delivery receipts.

Each SMS will have an associated Delivery Receipt (DR). A DR contains useful information such as the delivery status. The delivery status will show whether a message has arrived or failed to reach a destination, and what time the message was sent.

We are able to forward these DRs to you, but first you have to supply us with a DR URL.